Why bikers are really better drivers


Being a biker is not just riding a bike. Its riding a bike while also multitasking you will be amazed at the amount of things you can do all at once. Braking, changing the gear to match your speed, and so on. With all these going on in the background, you have to look ahead for bad sections of the road, anticipate other drivers’ actions, the ones in front, back and maybe sides. And yes you also have to watch out for pedestrians and animals if the situation arises.

1549390_632863153422457_846398523_n copyHow does all the above make bikers better drivers? Well it has a lot. Bikers are the most careful users of the road because they have accepted the dangers of riding and consciously and subconsciously take necessary actions to tip the odds in their favor plus they don’t have the sense of protection a car driver has. As a biker, you tend to look over your shoulders before you switch lanes or turn. This same method subconsciously transfers to when you drive a car. The other day while I was driving, a scooter rider was just comfortably riding on my blind sport and I had to switch lanes to make a turn. Looked at my side and rear view mirrors, and it was clear to make that turn. But instinctively I looked over my shoulders and their scooter guy was, cruising happily and oblivious of the fact the he could have been in a terrible accident had I been a regular driver.

Very few regular drivers look over their shoulders because they are not used to such. The mirrors seem to be enough for them. Obviously, with the above example, you can see why a biker is more careful when driving.

Bikers seem to anticipate a lot of scenarios when riding like, what the driver in front will most likely do, an escape zone if your right of way is infringed, and so on. It’s an instinct we develop as we start riding defensively and this also transfers to driving. Bikers tend to anticipate every possible situation and work towards avoiding any accidents as they drive opposed to regular drivers.

Research also proves that drivers who ride motorcycles are involved in fewer car accidents than regular drivers.

Well, this does not have much to do with anything but bikers tend to be more accurate than the weather man just to be prepared of surprises. Some regular drivers tend to drive in the wet just as they will in the dry. A biker already knows how treacherous wet roads can be.

In general bikers drive as if they were riding and not drive like psychos because they know how dangerous it can be and because they are looking out for other riders.


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