A special discussion with my biker friend Dike Nze Dike aka DND


                                         A special discussion with my biker friend Dike Nze Dike aka DND

When I become a billionaire one of my past times will be bike racings, formula one racing and flying planes. I say this all the time I will have them all and try to figure out a way to make money while feeling the adrenaline rush through my veins. So I have this interview with a very good friend of mine, I have known him since I was in nursery school. He is a biker and he really looks good when he puts on his biker gears (I hope Temi doesn’t read this). Here he talks about his love for bikes and his life in general as a biker in Naija.
What is your name? My name is Dike Nze-Dike


What do you do for a living? I’m a Banker


Okay no more beating around the bush, straight to our topic of interest why are you interested in bikes?

I love to ride, riding gives me a sense of freedom


In Nigeria everybody calls it power bikes but aren’t they called sport bikes?

LOL! They are just Motorcycles, “Power bike” is a  Nigerian term. Outside this country they are just called motorbikes or motorcycles
For someone who is a novice and interested in bikes what will be your advice?

My advice would be


1.      Ask yourself why you want to ride, is it because you like to travel long distances or you like to ride within your town on the weekends? Or are you someone who would want to ride to work daily?

2.      Go to a good riding school, get the best possible instruction you can get before you even decide on buying a bike.


Nigerian roads aren’t so great, so how do you ride on them? I know I for one, I’m finding it difficult to convince my husband that it is safe to ride bikes in Lagos.


You would be surprised to hear of the improved quality of our Nigerian roads, we have really beautiful roads up north. The Stretch from Edo State to Benin on the Lagos-Benin Expressway is brilliant, its also a smooth ride/drive from Benin all the way to Asaba if you use the by-pass, and of course from Onitsha to Owerri the road is bliss. And remember you said “Not so great, which is better than saying abysmal” on two wheels you see a lot more than someone who’s in a car.


Do we have female riders in Nigeria?


Yes of course, there are quite a number of female riders in the country and in Lagos most especially


Is there a bikers club? If yes what do they do for recreation?


Yes there are several motorcycle clubs, Lagos has close to 7 different clubs, there are clubs scattered across the country. Most of the clubs in the country are registered under a National Body ( Association of National Motorcycle Clubs “ANMC”). And to answer your question, for recreation we ride J, some bikers ride to work daily, others cruise on the weekends.

For someone interested in buying a bike what are the best brands and how much do they cost?


The choice of a bike is dependent on the rider, his choice riding style, his preference and the depth of his pocket haha! Some bikers love the fancy European bikes, and some love the Japanese bikes. There’s always an argument about bike enthusiasts on who makes the best bikes, Europeans or Japanese manufacturers. There’s also the question of the type of bike to consider. The most popular adventure bike amongst the people I ride with presently is the BMW GS 1200, and for the sport bikes the battle is between, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki for the Japanese lovers, and Ducatti, BMW and Triumph for the European lovers. And for the costs..hmmmm… how much would you spend to acquire something you are passionate about? Bikes cost from as low as 250k to way over 4million..

What has been your longest bike ride distance and what was it for?


My longest ride was in Easter of 2011, I rode from Lagos to Ohafia in Abia State (My village) and back to Lagos, total distance covered 1,500km. You might think that’s a long ride but there are bikers who ride from Gombe to Port-Harcourt and Uyo, and of course a few who have braved it and done Lagos-Europe-Lagos

Any last words for would be bike lovers?


Riding is fun, you only live once, so live your life to the fullest.. Do what you can when you can.


After reading this you can imagine me dreaming of the day i get my own Ducatti…

thank you DND.


Do have a lovely day.



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