Are Women Better Motorcycle Riders? They Sure Are Safer.


Are women better motorcycle riders than men? That may be debatable, but the statistics show they are safer.

Women are less aggressive vehicle drivers, receiving substantially less tickets for reckless driving and drunk driving, so it is not surprising that they make safer motorcycle riders. Female riders have consistently proven to be safe, knowledgeable and skilled riders. And in crash fatalities, they may be safer on their own bike.

In a recent surveyed year (2010), 28% of motorcycle deaths involved an operator with an alcohol limit above the legal limit. Men dominate this unfortunate statistic. Women also are more likely to wear a helmet, which cuts motorcycle risk of death by 37%. Forty-one percent of motorcycle drivers and 50% of passengers that died in 2010 weren’t wearing a helmet, so women’s propensity to wear helmets consistently raises their safety factor.

Interestingly, when motorcycle fatalities do strike down women, 65% of them were passengers in the accident. While only 10% of motorcycle deaths overall are women, 89% of passenger deaths are women. Women are approximately 25% of the bikers on the road, but account for a disproportionately low number of fatalities when in charge of their own bike.

There are sure to be many factors not considered in the numbers presented, including the types and sizes of bikes women are riding and the frequency in which they ride. An easy conclusion, however, is that women are proving to be skilled and safety-conscious bikers. Women behind the bars on their own bike appear to be the safest on the road.

-Britt Thames


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