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Repairing the Triple

Disclaimer: The Speed Triple here has 50,000 miles (80.000km) on it. It had no issues whatsoever until it passed the 20,000 mile-marker. If you own a Triple or you’re thinking about owning one, you... 0

Patented: The Motorcycle Urinal

We truly live in a marvelous age in motorcycle technology, with wonders such as semi-active suspension, ABS and traction control that works in corners, and 134 hp electric sportbikes. And then there’s the motorcycle...


9 most iconic motorcycles in history

Ducati Desmosedici RR If you’ve ever dreamed of being the next Nicky Hayden, the Ducati Desmosedici RR is the bike for you. Only 1,500 models of this street-legal version of Ducati’s 2006 MotoGP entrant... 1

Choosing Your Motorcycle

I’m a new rider. What kind of motorcycle should I get? The common wisdom is that you should buy a used bike depending on what you can afford. A “naked” standard bike—one without expensive... 0


For many people from the eastern part of the country, going home during the Yuletide is a tradition. But in recent times, the deplorable state of roads to the geopolitical zone and the hike...