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You can buy safety, at least when it comes to motorcycle Jackets and Helmets.There is a very wide selection of models available, and it isn’t always easy to find the right Jacket or Helmet for your individual needs. Besides personal taste, you’ll need to pay attention to some general criteria. That’s the only way you’ll be able to enjoy your ride in comfort and safety.

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1. Choose a Jacket to Match Your Riding Style

The first decision you need to make is whether you really need a separate motorcycle jacket,

Two-Piece Suits

The combination of a motorcycle jacket and pants is ideal for people who want flexibility. If you’re just taking a casual ride, you won’t have to take along both pieces of your outfit. You can simply pull off your jacket and replace it with an everyday coat when you get to your destination. Furthermore, motorcycle jackets offer more storage space than one-piece suits, and usually have enough pockets for your wallet and documents. If you want the most flexible option, you will do well to buy a separate motorcycle jacket

2. Choose Quality Material

Bikers argue over the basic question of whether a motorcycle jacket made of textile or one made of leather is a better choice. These materials differ greatly from one another, but they do have one thing in common: the performance of the jacket will depend greatly on the quality of the material and how it’s manufactured. It takes a lot of experience to recognize this type of quality. That’s why it’s helpful for less experienced or entry-level riders to seek advice from more experienced riders.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Jackets made of a fabric like nylon includes many abrasion resistant varieties like Armacor, Kevlar, Dynatec and 500 to 2000 denier Cordura. These materials often offer excellent breathability, protection from the cold, and waterproofness.

3. A Motorcycle Jacket’s Age is a Factor

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, you should note the model’s age. Older jackets typically don’t offer the same safety or comfort common in the industry today. This means the outer material as well as the protective padding might not give a rider enough protection from injury in case of an accident.


4. Look At the Jacket’s Color

Most motorcycle riders have the same favorite color: black. In low light environments, however, a black motorcycle jacket can be very difficult to notice in traffic. That’s why you should choose a jacket with an easy to recognize color. You can buy jackets in signal yellow or orange, or even ones that use large panels of reflective material. These will be visible when other drivers or riders shine their lights your way. This ensures good visibility and safety.


5. Find a Well-Made Motorcycle Jacket

Your motorcycle jacket needs to be well-constructed to ensure the best possible safety and comfort. That’s why you should pay attention to the following points when making your purchase:


A motorcycle jacket’s seams should always be inside the jacket, so they don’t cause abrasion in case of an accident. Leather jackets should have very few seams, since more seams compromise the stability of the material. In addition, the chest and back should be made of a single piece of material and not of smaller pieces sewn together. This can have a negative effect on the jacket’s safety.


Zippers on motorcycle jackets can be made of plastic or metal. They need to be easy to open and quick to close. Furthermore, they should be covered with a flap of fabric so they don’t pose extra risk of injury in a crash. Coverings over a zipper also offer extra, effective protection against moisture in textile jackets.


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